Are you struggling to make ends meet?

Let us help you reduce the monthly cost of your existing debt funding and decrease your interest rate payable.

The Edubond program saves you interest and can provide you with instant financial relief, saving you thousands of rands in monthly payments. Edubond enables you to get rid of the complication of having to pay back lots of creditors. By concentrating on one creditor, Edubond makes your money management issues far simpler.

Apply today for our Exclusive Debt Restructuring program for Government Employees.

The Problem

Due to the rising cost of living such as Education, Food, Electricity and much more many people struggle to make it on their salaries.

People often need to turn to Micro Lending Companies for extra cash to help make it through the month, or to finance education and other essentials. The Micro lending option is very expensive interest and often people are borrowing from one company to pay another.

This has often led to employees having a poor credit score and this further makes the situation worse as no normal banking institution will lend money unless it is at very high interest rates such as 25-30%.

The repayments on this type of lending are very high and when an employee has more than one company to pay back it causes an incredible amount of financial and emotional stress that impacts on the individual and their family.

The Solution

Africa Direct Edubond Pty Ltd is a NCR approved company which is able to help Government employees who are highly indebted and who own their own property.

Our solution consolidates all outstanding debt and settles your bond account as well, this consolidation approach provides the most affordable method for employees to clear debt or get out of debt review.

Our research indicates that through this method of consolidation employees can save up to 40% of their monthly credit installments. Our approach helps employees improve their credit score, which secures future financial credibility.

Our educational modules and up to date credit score assessments mean that our clients stay in contact with us throughout the process of recovery.

Client Story – Robert van der Esterhuizen

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