What to stock up on… you may have noticed the mad rush that the COVID-19 has caused, and the world rushshing for toilet paper, and non perishables.

Here is what everyone is after, and what we should be stocking up on (not hoarding). But first, my number one piece of advice is: 

Eat fresh fruit and vegetables for as long as possible, this will boost your immune system and allow your body to better fight off sickness and viruses.


  • Frozen meat, fruit and veg.
  • Tinned food.
  • Dry foods, that will last, pasta, rice, beans lentils, and other legumes.
  • All purpose cleaning supplies. 
  • Bleach for cleaning and purification. 
  • Hygiene products, female hygiene products etc. 
  • Non prescription medication, such as pain killers, a fully kitted out first aid kit.