Tips on how to be mindful of your budgeting this Black Friday

1.Know your money:
Know how much you earn, how much goes out of your account, your monthly expenses, and your balance.

Retailers plan way ahead for Black Friday deals. You should do the same. This planning mainly entails saving so you don’t have to dip into your monthly cash flow and budget. It also means keeping a list of things you need or would want to get your hands on at a really good price rather than buying for the sake of a discount.

3.Know your limits:
Closely related to planning is knowing your budget limits. Whenever a debt is unplanned, it is likely to become difficult to pay off.

4. Be smart:
The key to bargain hunting without breaking the bank comes down to a simple yes-or-no question. Were you already planning to buy the items? It can also be a good opportunity to get some great Christmas presents deals if you’ve done your homework.

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